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Yazd Province is located in the center of Iran. The mountains of the province, stretching from northwest to southeast, are the continuation of Iran’s central mountain range. Mount Shīrkūh with a height of 4000 meters above the sea level is the province’s highest mountain. Since Yazd is far from the sea and the humidity is low, the province has long hot summers and cold winters. There are no rivers in the province and the only water resources are springs and underground water.

It has poor vegetation and the only places with rich lawn are the foothills of Shīrkūh Mountain. Kālmandān and Bahādorān are two nature reserves of the province which are the habitats to different species of animals like Iranian gazelles, rams, ibexes, mountain goats, leopards, hyenas, foxes, wolves and birds like: grouses, eagles, magpies, partridges and bustard.

The desert province enjoys favorable weather conditions only for half of the year, but the attractions of desert like clear sunny sky, starry nights, absolute silence and alluring mirages have turned this province to an interesting location for tourists. The people of this province speak Persian. The important handicrafts of the province include velvet weaving, Termeh weaving, coarse blanket weaving, straw mat weaving, blanket weaving, etc.

The adherents of the three religions of Islam, Judaism and Zartoshti (Zoroastrianism) have a peaceful coexistence in Yazd. The most important ceremonies of Zoroastrianism include Māhāneh, Fāsli, Norūz-e Jamshīdī, Sadeh, etc. The major famous Jewish festival is the Pesach or Passover. 

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